BlackSky Spectra® Nominated for Via Satellite’s 2023 Satellite Technology of the Year Award

Industry members can cast a vote for BlackSky until March 19, 2024

HERNDON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- BlackSky Technology Inc. (NYSE: BKSY) was nominated for Via Satellite’s 2023 Satellite Technology of the Year Award for BlackSky Spectra, the company's industry-leading tasking, AI and automated analytics platform.

"BlackSky was founded on the principle that real-time intelligence requires a software-first mindset,” said Brian E. O’Toole, BlackSky CEO. “With Spectra customers task and receive imagery and AI-driven detection analytics in under 90 min from collection. Together with our proprietary constellation, Spectra is redefining expectations of what is possible in Earth observation as the customer demand shifts from static mapping to dynamic monitoring.”

Spectra is a first-of-its-kind commercial space-based intelligence platform that enables dynamic full-spectrum monitoring from space at industry-leading speed, frequency, and economics. The platform fuses data from BlackSky’s constellation and from other third-party sensors to develop the critical insights and analytics that customers require at scale.

“We are relentlessly dedicated to making access to imagery and analytics easy, with customized control given to customers. End users no longer need to be geospatial data experts,” said O’Toole. “Spectra users experience the ease of click-enabled tasking with the option to seamlessly select advanced product features and view image feasibility, even from your mobile device.”

BlackSky’s satellites fly in inclined orbits and with automated systems built in, customers experience low-latency tasking and collection-to-delivery timelines of under 90 minutes. With rapid, hourly revisit rates, Spectra delivers time-diverse imagery and analytics up to 15 times per day, dawn-to-dusk.

Spectra was recently selected as the leading space-based AI approach by a U.S. government customer for the highly data-intensive broad area search and discovery mission.

The winner of the 2023 Satellite Technology of the Year will be determined by a combination of the Via Satellite editorial team and votes that come directly from industry. The public can vote for BlackSky online.

“Our Satellite Technology of the Year award is an amazing showcase of some of the best and most transformative technologies in our industry, powered by great technology. Ever since we launched this award, the competition has been intense, and this year is no different,” said Mark Holmes, Sr. Editorial Director, Via Satellite.

Voting closes at noon ET on March 19. The winner will be announced at SATELLITE 2024 on Wednesday, March 20 at the Via Satellite Awards Luncheon, which is open to all conference-level attendees. Register for SATELLITE here and press can register here.

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About BlackSky

BlackSky is a real-time, space-based intelligence company that delivers on-demand, high frequency imagery, analytics, and high-frequency monitoring of the most critical and strategic locations, economic assets, and events in the world. BlackSky owns and operates one of the industry’s most advanced, purpose-built commercial, real-time intelligence system that combines the power of the BlackSky Spectra® tasking and analytics software platform and our proprietary low earth orbit satellite constellation.

With BlackSky, customers can see, understand and anticipate changes for a decisive strategic advantage at the tactical edge, and act not just fast, but first. BlackSky is trusted by some of the most demanding U.S. and international government agencies, commercial businesses, and organizations around the world. BlackSky is headquartered in Herndon, VA, and is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange as BKSY. To learn more, visit and follow us on X (Twitter).

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